Vondeltuin Towers

Carve: District ‘Zuid’ of Amsterdam asked Carve for help on the design and construction of several play equipment in the renovated Vondelpark.

These two playing towers are designed and made for the playground in the Vondelpark at the entrance ‘Amstelveenseweg’. The design is based on the architecture of the adjacent pavilion ‘de Vondeltuin’ (built by Baanders, 1927, Indonesian colonial).

The footprint of the towers connects two circular existing playgrounds, which were build in the early ’60 by the world known Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck. An opening splits the volume two equal parts to keep a line of sight on the colonial buildings from Baanders. This gave the possibility to make two different playable interiors. One based on platforms where you can reach the lower slide. The other one with a challenging rope circuit leading to a transparent bridge 7 meters high, connecting the big slide.

Landscape Architecture: Carve
Location: Vondelpark, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Construction: 2010

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  • Teddy Jeo 05.12.11

    Carve become my most favourite Landscape Architect!!
    Love his all Playground works~
    I think he knows what kids want ^^b

  • Bruel 12.26.12

    We’ve been today in the park in Amsterdam. Really, the playground is very desapointing. Even in winter we could appreciate the park but the photos yoi show are fare much brtter than the reallity.

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