Vetschpartner Landschaftsarchitekten: The formerly self-contained industrial park opens to the newly occupied district of Winterthur with housing, culture, service and commercial sectors. The Sulzerareal is a clear-cut in terms of area, urbanistic element that is moving closer together on different levels, the old town, transport and recreation area and provides the nature of the atmospheric phenomenon in the differentiation to the rest of town. A higher-level strategy intended to change the design freedom. It provides a continuous and committed to the values of the space history of the design and use regular intercourse. It’s a design of subtle tones and generous gestures. Symbolism and the corridor of time over failure to develop processes of change a changing appearance, which is manifested for example in the working off of different surfaces. It is a characteristic of the transformation, which continues at the same time on different levels and relies on a fragmented, fleeting image here and there. The potential of the future change it all. The conversion process continues.

Landscape Architecture: Vetschpartner Landschaftsarchitekten AG, Zurich
Location: Winterthur, Switzerland
Design: 2000-2003
Construction: 2003-2005
Area: 18 500 m2
Text by Vetschpartner

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