Ciclovia de Lisboa

Landscape Architecture: Joao Gomes Da Silva
Location: Lisboa, Portugal
Construction: 2009
Photos: © João Silveira Ramos

  • +++ 06.11.10

    I love the vastness of the space, the design is simple and bold. The attention is given to the graphics and the strong lines of the edge

  • artur.viveiros 06.11.10

    fantastic backdrop… design wise i guess there’s very little complexity – still can’t think of many other places where to enjoy a spot of cycling… well done

  • great space, still with no linear transition trough some of the seaport areas. let us see how it goes as time goes by, that benches…

  • Flavio 07.01.10

    Nice Pictures and Video.

    I did that cycle path a couple of weeks ago, really enjoyable stroll. As for the design: 5 stars! Love the bold fonts.

  • Adeeb Natsheh 09.06.10


  • Kobe 09.22.10

    The location at the Tejo’s riverfront makes it a very nice stroll indeed.
    However, as Pedro said, there’s a lot of connections missing, and I have the feeling the designers don’t ride the bike themselves too often: if you take the whole tour from Belem to Cais do Sodre, you encounter some very dangerous places, sometimes the cycling path dissapears, strange curves (90° angels), cyclists still have to give way to cars…

    It’s a very big step forewards for Lisbon, but it has still a lot of space to improve

  • Takoyaki 11.28.10


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