General Maister Park

The park, dedicated to General Maister and the soldiers for the northern border was planned as an abstract three-dimensional space, where the paths lead around geometrically cut grass crests. It is an abstract representation of the crest of the northern border, for which Maister’s soldiers fought. The crest next to the road is truncated and ends with a supporting wall, which serves as a part of the memorial symbol, for onit there is a line of metal sticks, bearing the names of the soldiers for the northern border. The symbolic composition ends with an abstract life-size bronze figure of a horseman.

Landscape architecture: Bruto (Matej Kučina, Tanja Maljevac)
Sculpture: Primož Pugelj – sculptor
Project: General Maister memorial park
Location: Ljubno ob Savinji, Slovenia
Client: Society of soldiers for northern border
Area: 1500m2
Project: 2005
Construction: 2007
Photo: Miran Kambič


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