Goerlitz Marien Square

Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten: The concept for the redesign of the “Marienplatz” (Marien square) and adjacent street spaces was developed with special regard to its unique location between the former fortifications and historical succession of squares within the Old Town.The reorganization of traffic resulted in the development of a generous urban open space that can be distinguished into three zones by function and by means of design. The area around the “Frauenturm” (women’s tower) represents a link into the historic Old Town. The central zone is a place for events and activities, is designed for flexible uses and is kept free of larger structures. The tree canopy to the south rounds off the square and becomes a place of contemplation and relaxation. The water feature as a modern adaptation of the historical moat becomes the focal point and lively centre of the square.

Landscape Architecture: Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten
Location: Görlitz / Germany
Area: 0,5 ha
Budget: 0,8 million EUR
Competition 2000, 1st prize,
Completion: 2002
Appriciation German Landscape Architecture Prize 2003
Client: City of Görlitz, Support: Allianz-Stiftung, München
Image credits: Rehwaldt LA

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