The team

Zaš Brezar founded Landezine in 2009 and he’s been running it since. He is a Slovenian landscape architect with several years of experiences in design. In recent years he is full time editor of Landezine, focused on developing it into the most interesting online landscape architecture media.

Robert Schaefer is founder and long-time editor in chief of Topos Magazine. Robert joined Landezine as a voluntary advisor in 2016. Based on his experiences Landezine launched LILA – Landezine International Landscape Award, Landezine LIVE lecture series and Landscape Issues article section.

We think that landscape architecture is becoming more and more relevant as a tool for overcoming all kinds of growing and ever-diversifying environmental and social challenges we are all facing. It’s an endless profession that constantly needs to reinvent itself. But above all, Landezine wants to explore landscape architecture as a creative and cultural discipline. Can visiting landscape be as fulfilling and intense experience as visiting theatre, concert, seeing movies? How can the ‘smart’ play with the ‘beautiful’?

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