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– celebrating excellence in the design of open spaces
– exploring the tools for overcoming social and environmental challenges through design
– empowering communication within the profession
– exploring landscape architecture as a cultural discipline
– promoting best practices
– engaging upcoming generation of landscape thinkers and designers
– recognising innovation

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Your donation will go to people who make content on Landezine. A network of ambitious practitioners and theoreticians who are actively evolving our profession via Landezine platform. They will write articles, make interviews, edit content, be involved in the curation processes. We have minimal office expenses since our network is spread globally, so your donation will not be absorbed by fixed administrative expenses, but rather spent directly for exploring innovation and experiments, happening on sites and in offices around the world. There is so much quality in our profession and we want to be able to share it with the community on Landezine. We want to evolve Landezine into the most interesting online media focused on landscape architecture with new projects, news, articles every day.

We asked our newsletter subscribers how they want to see Landezine evolving. Based on more than 400 responses we made the ‘Expand and Improve’ plan for Landezine in 2018.

Expand and Improve:

1. the archive of projects (the goal is one project per day)
2. the interviews section (topic based weekly interview)
3. the videos section (curate collection of videos from around the web and profession)
4. the articles section (weekly posts)
5. search within the archive (advanced, topic based search)
6. remove Google Ads from the website (yes, all of them!)
7. include all-time-classic projects from the history of landscape architecture
8. make advanced image search
9. lecture series and podcasts

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